VANGEST group companies have, since its foundation, the practice of sharing tools and pioneering technologies, adding the exchange of knowledge and collaboration between highly skilled experts, in various areas. This exchange of skills offers the global market a wide range of integrated services, within the product engineering and industrial production areas.

With multiple expertise across the product development cycle, VANGEST companies combine DesignProduct engineeringRapid PrototypingRapid ManufacturingPrototype and final mould manufacturingChecking FixturesProduction of short and large series of parts, and Thermoplastic injection.

This enables the monitoring and management of the entire product development cycle, from design to the introduction to the market of the final product. Competitive solutions which are based on Concurrent Engineering methodologies, allowing us to overcome the high expectations of our clients, by shortening the product’s development cycle and market implementation.

This work approach arises from the improvement of the turnkey solution concept, currently mirrored on the high efficiency and innovation of the services provided by the companies of the VANGEST group.