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EHTP specializes in production of high precision components in thermoplastic injection. With high demand we need to have high capacity. At the core of our fully automated robotic production lines, we have the latest JSW and Engel injection moulding machines that deliver high quality parts with greater efficiency. Our factory operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
In our clean and efficient facility, we provide high quality plastic components ensuring reliability and continuous workflow. Our carefully selected machines are exclusively electric and moulding high “cpk” values.
To support continuous production lines, our facilities are powered by solar panels for better energy efficiency and reinforces our environmentally conscious outlook. Our modern built factory facilitates cost effective production methods and at the same time we reduce the impact on the environment.



High Precision Injection Moulding: EHTP caters to industries that require high standards, exceptional quality and reliability. Our innovative plastic manufacturing solutions provide our customers with the assurance of quality, efficiency and best delivery times for the following industries: Automotive, Medical, Electro-electronics, Food & Beverage and Packaging.


Food and Beverage




& Focus

We promise our clients to work towards a lean production and zero defects. To ensure that we maintain high quality standards, we integrated artificial vision systems for quality inspection in some of our production lines to detect with real-time capability potential failure trends at the very initial stages. This allows real-time action/solutions for process and quality optimization.
We are certified by EN ISO 9001:2015 since 2017. We are committed to maintaining strict quality control, complying with automotive IATF 16949 and medical industry ISO 13485 standards and ensuring the cleanliness and precision needed to produce high-quality molds and parts. These certifications are an endorsement by our esteemed clients for our strong competitiveness and reliability in the world of the plastic industry.

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